Meet Zennor

Tuesday 23rd January 2018
zennor pascoe, content creator at hailer

Everybody, meet Zennor.

Zennor’s had her feet under the desk at Hailer for a while now; she got the hang of how things are done around here so quickly that you probably haven’t realised that you’ve been reading her work all this time, her integration has been that seamless.  A content creator and writer with a wonderful ability for punchy phrases and a charming sense of humour, Zennor has a focus on food & drink, sustainability and marine sectors.  Such a diverse range of specialisms may seem unusual, but all is explained by her resume.  Allow us to share a few highlights with you:

Born on a farm in central Cornwall and the eldest of three sisters, Zennor’s Dad took the decision on the day she was born to go organic; he didn’t want his children growing up surrounded by barrels of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.  These days, Cusgarne is an award-winning organic farm, farming 100 acres of pasture (raising grass-fed organic Angus beef) with a vegetable garden, orchard, fruit cages and barn conversion holiday lets.

At 17, she became the youngest ever qualified Yachtmaster, and had sailed over 20,000 nautical miles by the age of 21 crewing both private and charity-owned yachts.  She spent a year on the Olympic sailing circuit, joining an existing campaign and racing professionally before returning to dry land (mostly) in 2013.  She plays it down, but all of that is massively impressive.

zennor pascoe crewing nacra17

Upon moving back home to Cornwall, Zennor initially worked for one of her primary sponsors marketing high-end properties in the south west.  Independent spirit and an entrepreneurial streak then prompted her to take the farm-gate sales of her parent’s farm and she founded a bricks-and-mortar organic farm shop, building an incredibly successful destination business upon sound ethical and environmental principles in one of the old barns which she refurbished.  During this time she put her head down and studied marketing and communications, gaining both formal qualifications and valuable real-world work experience.  In short, she’s driven and a total achiever.  Oh, and last year she trained for and ran an ultra-marathon in just six weeks.  That means running 38.5 miles at stupidly short notice.  Sounds like a disgusting idea, huh?  But she did it.  What a boss.

zennor pascoe of cusgarne organic farm shop holding up a magazine

Recently, having taken a step-back from the family business, Zennor has been putting this huge range of worldly experience, interests and drive to use alongside her natural flair for word-craft and visual communications here at Hailer.

A belated ‘Welcome’, Zennor!  It’s great having you on the crew.