Raising The Bar (Weekly)

Surf Simply

Transforming a company blog into a leading online surf magazine

surf simply coach performing a backhand foam climb on a wave in france
Room to move freely

Surf Simply is a company synonymous with surf coaching of the highest standard, delivered in an idyllic environment at their resort in Costa Rica.

As well as raising the bar for “surf schools” and camps around the world, they’re also committed to contributing to the surf media landscape through their digital surf magazine, surf-talk radio show and free coaching tutorials.

Hailer were consulted by Surf Simply’s design team on the form that their digital magazine platform would take, and Hailer’s Mat Arney is responsible for the ongoing planning and weekly production of illustrated feature articles.

Hailer’s content for the Surf Simply Magazine takes the form of interviews with leading figures from the world of surfing, surf travel destination guides and news and opinion pieces. These articles are delivered to over 300,000 followers via the surfing community page on facebook and enjoy a high level of engagement.

We have an incredibly broad, international, audience who engage with Mat’s journalism week in, week out. He’s regular, he’s consistent and he’s reliable, and that’s why we have him heading up our digital magazine project.

Ru Hill - Surf Simply

Engagement comes in many different forms, and all of it is good for business