If It Works Perfectly, It Will Be Beautiful

Cord Industries

A craftsman’s call to arms against mass-produced furniture

cord industries hairpin leg dining set in walnut and turquoise

Cord Industries is a company leading by example; quietly creating furniture of the highest quality and shipping it from Cornwall all around the world.

In an age of cheap, mass-produced and nigh-on disposable furniture, Cord stands apart not just for their striking designs realised in wood and steel but also for their ambition to create pieces that work perfectly and last forever.

To craft a brand aesthetic and tone of voice that fits their products Cord Industries called Hailer first to produce their imagery and then to work this up into a refreshed website with ongoing content and case studies, and a social media strategy. Sharing the behind the scenes reality of a craftsman who loves motorsport, coffee and surfing as much as he loves making furniture has been key to engaging an audience who see the value in knowing the story behind their dining table or desk, and the person who both designed and made it.

Working with Hailer means that our marketing and brand communications look as good as our furniture."

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