Here at Hailer, simply put, we are storytellers.

We unearth and share brand stories using words and images, producing blogs, narrative based press articles, social media posts, e-newsletters, photo essays and short videos.

We do this on a regular basis with a long-term view to growing the brands that we work with in an organic and sustainable way.  We do all of this in house, and we do it in your house - see us as the marketing department that you don’t have, or the bolt-on service that compliments your existing marketing activities.

Hailer allows me to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business and on new projects whilst knowing that our marketing is being taken care of.

Ben Spicer - Cornish Rock Tors

Spelling It Out

Why Your Business
Needs Us

“Build it, and they will come” is a movie misquote often used by businesses, in particular start-ups. For the best chance at success we believe that it should be revised to read “Build it, make sure that (the right) people know about it, and they will come”, with the added bonus being that if you get the first two parts of that equation right then “they” will also keep coming back for more.

Sharing unique, relevant and informative content (such as blogs and well captioned photography) increases website performance and brand engagement, helping your business to reach more potential customers and consistently converts views to sales.

You have a story...